Husband: Charles Miller Burger
Father: William C. Burger [R500]
Mother: Catherine A. Miller [R500]
Born: 3/18/1856

Wife: Mary J. (Mustoe) Burger
Born: 5/11/1856 at Healing Springs VA.

Married: 9/20 or 28/1882

Children (Fig. R503a):
Anna Bell Burger, b. 7/30/1883 in Clifton Forge Va., m. 9/28/1914 to
    Matthew Fred Black in Tekoa Wash., four children
Eva May Burger, b. 2/11/1885 in Clifton Forge Va. Unmarried
Harry Crawford Burger, b. 12/31/1886 at Green Valley Va., d.
Lucy Burger, b. 12/31/1886 at Green Valley Va., m. 9/15/1910 in
    Tekoa Wash. to Jay Chester Beal (d. 12/20/1918), four children
Davis Mustoe Burger, b. 9/18/1888 at Green Valley Va., m.
    12/24/1911 in Tekoa Wash. to Bula Edwards, four children
Ellen Burger, b. 12/19/1889 at Green Valley Va., m. 6/12/1919 in
    Spokane Wash. to Gustav Herman Schlauch, two children
Charles Spurgeon Burger, b. 10/19/1891 in Waynesboro Va., d.
    7/4/1932. M. 11/6/1928 to Helen Chatterfield, no children
Lelia Burger, b. 10/1/1894 in Waynesboro Va. M. 11/7/1921 in
    Spokane Wash. to Glenn L. Gano (d. 8/31/1932), two children
Edwin Winfrey Burger, b. 7/9/1896 in Waynesboro Va., m.
    6/12/1926 in Spokane Wash. to Iva Furness, no children
Herbert Burger, b. 10/9/1898 in Waynesboro Va., m. 9/16/1926 in
    Spokane Wash. to Eva Virginia Hix, three children

(1996) From the birthplaces of their children, it can be seen that Charles Burger and Mary Mustoe lived in Clifton Forge from their marriage until 1885 or 1886. From that time until ~1890 their children were born “at Green Valley,” which was the nearest Post Office or town name to the homestead of Charles’s father William Crawford Burger [R500]. Perhaps they lived for a time with Charles’s father, a widower then. In 1888 William gave Charles a 60-acre tract of land N of his home (DB15-71). About 1890, Charles and his family moved to Waynesboro Va. On 6/6/1901 Charles’s sister Emma Katherine wrote in a letter to her son Kemper, “Your Uncle Charlie is in Idaho in the silver mines” [S089].
[S004] relates “Charles Miller Burger and Mary Jane Burger, his wife, and their nine children moved from Waynesboro, Va., in 1903 to Tekoa, Washington. Mr. Burger was engaged in the Meat Business and moved to the Spokane Valley, and built a home on a five acre tract, 8 miles east of Spokane. In 1923, their four sons entered the meat business in Spokane, and since that time have operated wholesale and retail markets under the firm name of Burger Bros.

“At this time, Feb. 19th, 1936, Charles Miller Burger is within one month of celebrating his 80th birthday, and his wife, Mary Jane Burger, is within three months of celebrating her 79th. Both are enjoying perfect health and living happily and contented in their Spokane Valley home. Seven of their children have homes within one quarter of a mile of their parents’ home, and in these homes are eighteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.”

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